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If you are working with a MN Licensed Realtor please let us know and please make sure your agent is aware that you are in communication with us.
If you are working with an agent what is his or her name?
Please indicate how you will paying for your purchase. If you will be borrowing money for the purchase we require you be pre-approved prior to us performing an estimate for you and will ask for you to send us your approval letter. If you need a referral for financing please visit
Where is this project located? Give Street Address, PID number, Legal Description or some other description that identifies the location.
Name one Semler floor plan for estimate. Due to time constraints please limit your request to the plan that best fits your requirements.
What is the price of the lot you want included in the estimate.
For one level homes the floor will be concrete. for homes with basements your choices are 2x10 joist or 18" floor trusses. 2x10 Joist are solid and can only span 12 feet +/-. 18" Floor Trusses are open web design and can span 24' +/- meaning more open designs and duct work and plumbing pipes can be run inside the floor system and not hang below allowing for greater headroom in basements.
This is for stair cases and balconies that require devices to prevent you from falling a great distance. Most common devises are walls or railings w/spindles.
Standard is 30"
Also know as a Lazy Susan....Sorry Susan :)
This can either be an additional cabinet or a cabinet that replaces a base and upper cabinet.
These are internal grids for the purpose of adding another design element for the curb appeal of the front elevation.
Recessed can light are lights that recess into the ceiling and are not standard.
Most communities and Lenders require a yard established prior to closing. Size of allowance is based on yard size and extent to which you want yard landscaped.
Most communities require black dirt for yards. The amount of allowance added is based on size of yard, thickness and where black dirt is required to be delivered from.
Building Sites that have trees that need removal for construction of House, Driveway, Septic, Well or other items will need an allowance added.
Sites not already prepped for building or the site is prepped for house style different than chosen floor plan will need additional site work.
If your lot has no City Water Service a Well will be required for your household domestic water.
If your lot requires a septic system a septic design will be required.
If your lot has no city sewer or has a community septic system there will be an allowance required.
Most rual lots and/or lots where storm water run off is stored or flows into ditches require a culvert. There is a separate permit fee and the cost of culvert and install that must be added.
Asphalt Driveway is Standard up to 45 feet from curb, Tapered if 3rd stall. If you need extra length and/or depth an overage allowance will need to be added.
$18/yd Flooring Allowance is Standard
Laminate Countertops are Standard
Stone at exterior is not standard.
Stained Millwork is standard. This is if you want your Millwork Enameled (painted). Grade #2 means joints and miters are not caulked.
Stained Cabinets are standard. This is if you want your cabinets Enameled (Painted) Grade #1 means miters and joints are caulked.
Garages are rocked to meet firecode standard. This is If you want entire garage rocked.
This is a water supply line to your refrigerator for ice and water.
This is a pan that goes below a washing machine.
This is for an irrigation system and is required if you want us to install an irrigation system. You can also have one installed for future use.
If you plan on adding a softener after closing you may want our plumbers to install a loop.
This is a Narrow Window attached to the side of the door.
Building in Clay soils vs building in sand soils requires additional site preparations and additional features such as exterior drain tile and sump pumps.
Building permit fees are not included in the base price and vary from location to location.
This may be required per grading plan to reduce the slope of the driveway from curb to garage floor.
This is for Two Story, Rambler and 4 Level Style Basements.
Should a master bath be included in the base price it will come with a 3x4 Fiberglass Shower or a 60" Fiberglass bath bay. To add a soaking tub at Master Bath in addition to the shower there must be enough space and there will be an additional charge for adding the plumbing, tub and fixtures.