On Your Lot

We offer our building services on your lot within a 30 mile radius of our Cambridge, MN Office. Choose one of our stock floor plans and customize to your liking or hire our drafting and design vendor to create one for you!

On Your Lot Process:

  1. Construction Loan Pre-Approval from our Approved Vendor *Must be completed prior to Estimate

  2. Select one of our Stock Floor Plans or Meet with Our Drafting Vendor for custom plan creation

  3. Find Lot that fits the floor plan and your criteria

  4. Schedule Site Inspection with Semler Construction

  5. Estimate prepared for selected floor plan, options, lot cost and any site improvements/prep work required

  6. Purchase Agreement Prepared for Signatures

  7. Purchase Agreement, Floor plan and sworn construction statement sent to bank for appraisal process (15-30 Days)

  8. Close on Construction Loan and 1st Draw taken to Cover Lot Cost

  9. Pre-Construction and Specifications Meeting

  10. Stake House on Property (5-7 Days)

  11. Perc Test Performed, if required (2-3 Days)

  12. Building Permit Process, City or County (1-3 Weeks)

  13. Construction Begins (120 Days +/-)

  14. Completion of Construction

  15. Final Closing

  16. Move In

Equal Housing/MLS

Minnesota Builders License BC003649

Minnesota Real Estate Broker License 40210796